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Bitmain Antminer: How to Choose the Best

By October 18, 2017Antminers, Bitcoin
Antminer ASIC Chipset

Mining has become more profitable than dealing drugs for the Russian mafia, recent cryptocurrency news show. But mining is also becoming more involved, as hashing difficulty rises. Which BitMain Antminer is right for you?

ASIC machines use specialized chipsets to produce higher hashing power compared to CPU mining. Currently, there are still great opportunities for mining gains with the right Antminer model. Joining a mining pool is easier, and your rig can be optimized for the best gains. An ASIC stands for application-specific Integrated Circuit, a microchip designed for a specific task- in this case, generating hash values.

When calculating mining profitability, only quality ASIC machines will give you returns- smaller USB mining devices or cloud mining mean you will be mining at a loss. So here is how to select and invest in a mining ASIC to support the most profitable blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Bitmain Antminer has set the golden standard for ASIC machines, specialized in mining Bitcoin. And AntPool is one of the leading pools where you can attach your machines for the best probability of mining rewards. The Bitmain series offer an easy entry into the world of mining, for an investment that will pay for itself in less than a year in some cases.

When choosing a miner, there are a few measurements you need to have in mind. When learning how to mine Bitcoin, keep in mind that hashing power is the most important measure, followed by your electricity cost. You need to have enough hashing power to ensure a greater part of a block award comes to you, when you have joined a mining pool.

The third measure is the cost of the equipment itself- a miner plus the right kind of power supply. Knowing these measures, you can calculate the mining profitability using an online calculator.

Miner ASIC Model Price Hashing Power Electricity Consumption
Antminer S9 $1,310 14TH/s 1.3kW
Antminer D3 $1,450 15GH/s(for DASH) 1kW
Antminer L3+ $2,280 504 MH/s (for Litecoin) 800W


The Antminer S9 is just the latest in the series, preceded by still usable S7 and S5, which come with lower hashing power.

There is another category of miners, more suited for home-based small-scale mining. Antminer R 4 fits this category, with a great ratio of hashing power to energy consumption.

Miner ASIC Model Price Hashing Power Electricity Consumption
Antminer R4 $1,000 8TH/s 845W

The Antminer R4 is engineered to be the quietest miner for home application.

When choosing a mining ASIC, know which cryptocurrency you want to mine. Your returns will depend on this, as market price makes one coin or another more profitable. Currently, Bitcoin mining is sometimes unprofitable. At the same time, miners for DASH and Litecoin may pay out more quickly, as the coins appreciate in market value.

When choosing a Bitmain Antminer, look for energy efficiency- newer models are optimized compared to older discontinued series. Bitcoin mining is just one way to invest in cryptocurrencies, and an Antminer can be bought to mine altcoins such as Litecoin, Dash- and even Dogecoin.